Your parents your dating

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Sometimes my parents or close friends were able to see things I shouldn’t have overlooked.

If your parents are the type to put a lot of pressure on you to make money, chances are they will reject a guy who is still finding his way or just starting out.

At the end of the day, they can’t control your decisions and should be willing to let you make your own choices.

If they are not budging, then a little tough love might be necessary.

Remember, sometimes they may have logical reasons and sometimes they may be making assumptions.

If they are religious and he’s not meeting their standards, let them know how he was raised and explain why you feel he is still a good person.If your parents are really conservative ask him not to touch you when they are around.Of course you should always avoid PDA around others for the most part anyway because it can really make people uncomfortable unless your friends are more easy going.We know that this can cause a lot of fights between you and your parents as well as you and your boyfriends so look at this as an opportunity to use love to be accepting and considerate instead of letting your words further poison the relationships between you all.Remember, your boyfriend’s feelings will be hurt so if you’re mad about how he behaved, hold your tongue and don’t kick him while he’s down.

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