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A blonde with a tan or sun-kissed skin, a blonde decked in a tight dress and red lipstick, or a blonde rocking the grunge look, they can pull it off with ease.If there are 50 shades of gray, then there are 30 shades of blonde. They tend to be the wild and crazy ones in the bedroom.

In addition to being better in bed, because they have higher estrogen levels, they also have an increase sex drive that will rival their partners, and of course, yours.

Until my male friend brought it up, I never considered the fact that my hair could be partly to blame.

"Red hair is usually a handicap, as far as I'm concerned," my divorced and dating friend Adam tells me over brunch.

Do you want to see a cheating MILF fucking her stepson?

How she entices the much younger man using her huge tits and big thighs to make him eat her pussy?

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