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Placemarks are interesting places marked on the map.

Learn about what we offer undergraduates and graduate students, as well as professionals interested in certificate programs.

In addition to formal course work, graduate students have the opportunity to conduct research on critical earth, ocean, environmental, and atmospheric topics under the guidance of distinguished faculty.

Joanna Hu began as a dish washer for store owner Gigi Tsang, but her employer’s encouragement means she’s now the first Home Brew Coffee Master with a hearing impairment, and helps run part of the business.

original name: Xiaohai geographical location: Nantong Shi, Jiangsu, China, Asia geographical coordinates: 31° 58' 11" North, 120° 58' 37" East Please login. Register at the map page related to the place where you live and then return here, please.

The reason may have been that the energy of a Source Point is Original Qi, which is related to the Yin Organs, in particular, to the Kidneys.

Whether you are interested in how the Earth works, what happens in the ocean, why people live where they do, or what impact humans are having on the environment, the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE) has something for you.

If you’re serious about green energy, robotics technologies, sensor development, climate change or protecting the planet, we have faculty who can help you make a difference.

Also, the Yang Source Points are not as effective as the Yin Source Points in treating deficiencies of their corresponding Organs and so their importance may not have been discovered yet.

The Spiritual Axis also lists two other Source Points, which are not modern Source Points.

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