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Just for the sake of mentioning it, there are vampires on Mars, and if you enjoy this offering from Le Rouge, you can continue on to the sequel, “La Guerre des vampires.”While Roussel is considered something of a cult taste, he holds a highly influential place in 20 century literature for his playful experiments with the writing process.“Locus Solus,” created from one such experiment, centers on a wealthy man showing his friends a series of bizarre inventions and curiosities he has collected on his estate.“Le Diable au corps,” which takes place against the backdrop of WWI, depicts a teenage boy’s affair with a married woman.

In this wildly imaginative work, Le Rouge creates what I bet will prove to be the most bizarre fictionalized version of Mars you’ve ever encountered.Roussel delves heavily into descriptions of these items, creating a rich tapestry of many stories woven into one another.Its otherworldly qualities may appeal to fans of the Spanish language writer Jorge Luis Borges, or to those just looking for something truly different. Here’s the first in a French vampire trilogy that includes “Le Chevalier Ténèbre” and “La Ville-Vampire.” While more in the classic tradition of vampire fiction than Le Rouge’s sci-fi blend, it has its share of cross-genre complexities as well.In a tortured but captivating voice — reminiscent of the characters of Gogol and Dostoyevsky — Duhamel’s hero, Salavin, recounts how he was fired from his job under extremely odd circumstances and how this marked a major change in his life.Salavin’s penchant for rich detail and his willingness to reveal personal quirks make him entertaining in the manner of a drunken stranger whose rambling you actually want to hear.

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