Wordpress organize series not updating series

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Whether you plan to build your own Word Press website or hire a Word Press developer to help you, understanding the basics of how Word Press works will help you build and maintain a better website! My name is Kathleen, and I've been teaching technology to beginners under the moniker since 2009.

I believe that with the right approach, anyone can learn anything.

While Word Press requires no coding, you'll find out how to use simple HTML and CSS to customize a website's appearance.

You'll take advantage of the dynamic features known as plugins, which add every imaginable function to your website.

While it normally requires a paid hosting account, this course includes a totally free, no obligation Site Ground hosting account for three months, along with a private place on the Web for practice.

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No specific knowledge or skills are required, just a general familiarity with the Internet.

Please refer to your school for additional details regarding drops, transfers, and refunds on Series bundles.• Internet access • Email • One of the following browsers: o Mozilla Firefox o Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0 or above) o Google Chrome o Safari • Adobe PDF plug-in (a free download obtained at .) No software purchase or installation is necessary.

Word requires a paid hosting account, which costs approximately 0 a year.

BONUS: I've also included a FREE bonus section ("SECTION 13: Publishing your website") explaining how web publishing works.

If you don't already have webhosting where you can install Word Press, you can start there!

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