Why am i so shallow when it comes to dating

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Low scorers consider themselves as superior and as entitled to privileges that others do not have, whereas high scorers view themselves as ordinary people without any claim to special treatment.” In this article, I’m assuming that superficial people are low on the sincerity scale.

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Research shows that highly materialistic people may care less about the environment and other people than “non-materialists” do. They only care about how they look but lack the ability for self-observing and looking deeper inside themselves. According to author Alison Stevenson in Vice, “In my mind, shallow people only care about appearance…all that matters to them is that they find someone who looks good standing next to them.” They don’t pay attention to observe and notice feelings, behaviors, and thoughts of the people around them. But when someone you have to deal with regularly is consistently self-involved and self-centered, they can make your life miserable.” It is also the same if you are friends with a superficial person. This is not about IQ or how high you score on a test.

But when you care for other people, it is normal that you help and pitch in as much as you could. Krauss explained on Maybe they do judge sometimes because nobody’s perfect, but not all the time.

Superficial people will judge the moment they get the chance – and that is every day.

Some chase money, others chase power or fame but all of these lack substance.

They feel entitled to be happy so they focus on what can make them happy immediately, even if it doesn’t last. They have no opinion or conviction that can’t be swayed, convinced out of, or just eradicated without much pressure.

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