Who is yvonne nelson dating tom lenk dating

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“That is why I am willing to address some of those misconceptions now.Even though it pains me to have to talk about them, but I will. I am an actress and I get scripts where I’m expected to interprete my role.“I am not a lesbian,”she said, adding “ lesbianism is against my religious beliefs, it’s against my cultural norms and I think it was very mischievous for people to insinuate such about someone they hardly knew.” “ The rumor, she continued, “started by a notorious website in Ghana last year when they reported that they had never seen me with a man.In their warped and twisted calculation, I was a lesbian. That they had not seen me with a man, and may have seen me with my girlfriends going out to have fun, and then automatically I was a lesbian.The pair were recently spotted in a romantic setting during a trip abroad.Yvonne Nelson has publicly made known of the 8 month relationship she had with Afro beats artiste Iyanya and deeply expressed regrets over how he conducted himself during their time together.If I go out with a date, it doesn’t cost the man money.I don’t order expensive champagne, I don’t order exotic meals. Most women would say they are looking for a chiseled man – those with perfect six-packed abs – well good luck to them. I am more interested in the substance-the values and the humanity the man brings to the table than with his physical or material possessions.

Obviously, Akon is an established star worldwide so Yvonne will like to spend more time with him off set and get to know him better. My company specializes in completely custom Wordpress, Joomla & HTML websites as well as logo designs, social media management, SEO and more.

It was a hatchet job – an attempt to discredit me, but they all failed.

I am heterosexual and would remain one till the end.

But dispelling the rumour, Yvonne said “I am not dating Jim Iyke and that’s the truth, but I want to confess that we have a very close relationship. We are great friends – the manner I am with Majid Michel, John Dumelo- these are great and hot friends of mine as well.

We have a great chemistry together- call it some form of magic between us, especially when we act together. We are always together when he comes to Ghana to act in movies and I drive him around.” Adding, she said “when I am in Nigeria, he does the same for me. Does it mean that I must date ever person that I have an on-screen chemistry with? There is nothing wrong about having a friendship with a co-star and not talking it to the physical level.” Also, dismissing one of the rumours that negatively impacted on personality last year, which centered on her sexual orientation, Yvonne Nelson denied being a lesbian.

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