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Hedley is a Vancouver-based pop-punk band that launched to stardom in 2005 after lead singer Jacob Hoggard’s successful run on Canadian Idol.The winners of two Juno Awards from more than 30 nominations, they sold nearly 1 million albums and 4 million singles, and had a record 16 videos hit No. Deemed Canada’s “king of all-format airplay” by Billboard magazine in 2014, the band was blacklisted from Canadian radio and dropped by its management team in February 2018 following multiple allegations of sexual assault dating back to 2005.Let’s illustrate things with this excerpt from the Rick James autobiography .(As a side note, don’t go arguing that James was a funk musician instead of a rock artist; clearly clinically nuts, the dude was way more rock ’n’ roll than anyone who’s ever played Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Burning Man.)After noting that at one point he was running a “stable” of three or four women, James recalled in that he wasn’t overly skilled at being a pimp.“I lacked the hard-edged discipline and cold-blooded attitude a good pimp requires,” he wrote.Hoggard was arrested and charged with sexual interference and two counts of sexual assault in July 2018.The original incarnation of Hedley, formed in 2003, consisted of Jacob Hoggard, Ryan Federau, Kevin Giesbrecht, Kevin Heeres and Brandon Mc Kay.

Yesterday, news broke that Hedley lead singer Jacob Hoggard had been arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm and one count of sexual interference.

The four men merged into the present-day Hedley and performed at the 2005 Canadian Music Week in Toronto, where they generated valuable exposure.

Who would have thought that a second-tier Can Con rock band would be the group that finally ruined the decades-and-decades-long rock ’n’ roll party for, well, everyone?

And that includes rock ’n’ roll, where sex, no matter how depraved, has traditionally been something to be celebrated.

How far out of line is the rock world with the rest of society?

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