Who is oliver james dating 2016

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One of the most iconic and long-lasting couples in Hollywood is Goldie Hawn, 73, and Kurt Russell, 68.

The famous on-screen duo has been together for over 35 years.

There was just one thing: she didn't have the key yet, so they were forced to break in. "We were in the imaginary bedroom when the police walked in because we had to break into the place to get in.

"I was 21 and he was 16," Hawn recalled during a BBC Radio 4 interview.I like waking up every day and seeing that he is there and knowing that I have a choice.There is really no reason to marry." "It's important that you are able to hold up your side of the house.I worked for Mattis three times: when he was a colonel, a major general, and a lieutenant general. It was 125 degrees in July in the high desert; everyone was in the field.This was a hard place, for hard men training for the hardest of jobs.

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