Who is kim wayans dating

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He is also a successful film producer and a member of the Wayans family of entertainers.He is best known for his starring role in the TV series He is also known as the director and producer of the first two installments of the popular Scary Movie spoof franchise.As a comedian, actor-producer, and writer, he is known for co-starring along with his brother Marlon in numerous comic spoofs, along with the Scary Movie franchise.

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In December 2011, she got a chance to showcase her dramatic chops with a supporting role as a mother who struggles to understand her seventeen-year-old daughter in Pariah.Her other television work includes regular appearances on the sitcom In the House with LL Cool J and a recurring role on A Different World.Recently, she has worked as a story editor on her brother Damon's sitcom My Wife and Kids.The show helped to set up both Shawn and Marlon some the most outstanding members of their illustrious circle of relatives.Thus with his high career based he has established for himself, he has made an ample amount of net worth of 30 million dollars.

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