Who is diane warren dating

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Here's the version of the story recently presented by Elle magazine: One night, while passing Schwab’s Drugstore, [Cher] was run down by a white Lincoln convertible. “But you can’t call it a relationship,” Cher tells me.“It was very Warren.” Cher didn’t get home until well after curfew that night.Starting in 1960, Warren Beatty was hot and heavy with Joan Collins, an established actress. The relationship was serious, she got pregnant, they were engaged but she ended up getting an abortion and the couple fell apart.She wrote a tell-all autobiography back in 1978 that spills all the juicy details.At that time, the pattern had yet to be established, but within years it would be a rule: If you're a woman starring opposite Warren Beatty, you have to sleep with him.As the story goes, Beatty ran into Leslie Caron at a party and it was lust at first sight.

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According to Mamie, the two love birds “romanced” a bit but never had intercourse.

This is the "full" list of partners we could verify (except where indicated), but there are more stories out there that journalistic integrity prevents us from repeating.

Early in both of their careers, actress (and future activist and fitness guru) Jane Fonda fell for the pretty young man who'd later become Hollywood's most infamous loverboy.

And most of his conquests did take place in the '60s and '70s, when people were getting around a lot more than they seem to today.

If you're wondering who Warren Beatty has dated, we've got an attempt to give you the long and scarecely-believable story.

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