Who is dating who in the wwe

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On the other hand, there are also plenty of fans who find this one of the most fascinating elements of their biggest idol’s lives, especially since a few of them get highlighted on various reality shows.If you watch any of them or just happen to care a whole lot about pro wrestler’s dating habits, take our quiz and ask yourself: do you know who these WWE superstars are married to or dating?Maybe WWE will even let them pair up on screen again. Beautiful things can come in small packages, though if the ladies of WWE think Alexa Bliss is merely a pretty face, they’ll soon experience Five Feet of Fury proving she’s so much more.The first and thus far only woman to win the Raw and Smack Down Women’s Championships, Bliss has wowed male viewers of both rosters, not to mention the many fans who have been following her since the beginning in NXT.After all, it primarily The Big Dog’s impressive muscles that caused Vince Mc Mahon to decide he was the future of WWE.Strong arms and thick thighs have won Reigns four WWE Championships thus far, plus the heart of at least one woman, whom he married in December 2014.Do you know what his name was while still working for WWE?Cool, charismatic, and with long, flowing locks, Edge didn’t need to say a word to get the male fans of WWE intrigued by his character.

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While there were no doubt countless ladies chasing Mc Mahon in his day, he ultimately chose not a wrestler but a more reserved announcer, who has since moved on to producing films. There were times in TNA when this status slightly faded away, yet his future wife never seemed to mind the body transformations.Similar to Roman Reigns, the “Apex Predator” Randy Orton has been on top of the WWE Universe for quite some time now despite a lack of any particular crowd interest.The only explanation is that Vince Mc Mahon is blinded by Orton’s marketable look, which countless female wrestling fans have naturally responded to. Well, okay, most ladies might want more than just his beard, but after a brief courtship process, his charming personality and friendly demeanor is bound to win over just about anyone. Hey, it’s not like Triple H spends 100% of his time practicing the sport of pro wrestling, although his love life has been intrinsically connected to the business for some two decades now.In the rare times WWE actually does shine a spotlight on a wrestler’s husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, there’s at least a 50% chance the person playing that role doesn’t actually do so in real life.Because of this, the average wrestling fan may not necessarily know or even care who their favorite superstars are dating.

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