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In January, Colton liked one of Gregg's Instagram posts: It looks like Colton has not only been getting closer to Cassie, but also spending time with her family and friends, which is a very good sign for their relationship.

Like he said to her in the finale, they're taking it day by day and figuring out what they're ready for as their relationship progresses.

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In the cliffhanger, fans saw Colton choose Cassie Rudolph during their overnight date.

But, where are Colton and Cassie at now that the filming is over?

This Colton and Cassie relationship update will put your romantic heart at ease.

Now that Colton has confessed and his feelings are all out on the table, the future seems unclear – and the only thing we're sure of at this point is that Colton isn't sure about what's coming next. According to a few spoilers and rumors, Cassie and Colton are still together.

But, does this mean that Colton is engaged to Cassie?

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