Who is barbie xu dating illinois personal dating single

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Ken seems to have a penchant for dating women with curvy figures.

Included in his past dating lists were Kelly Lin, Li Bingbing, Maggie Wu and Jiang Xinyu.

According to someone in entertainment circles, Takashiro knew Erika likes brand-name products, and in London he bought her lots of high-end items as a gif for her birthday, which cost large sums of money.

Takashiro has already spent about 20-30 million yen on her. We cannot say that it is an aid communication between them, but it does show that they were not for love to be together if they break up for lack of money.

Vanness Wu has been married with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo for two years now.

Though their marriage had hit a rough bump late last year because of their online spats, all’s well now for this eclectic couple.

Ken Chu has been out of the limelight since deciding to leave showbiz for more then two years now, but that didn’t stop the media from losing interest with his private life. No matter how hard they try to keep their relationships out of the spotlight, the media and the public still can’t seem to lose their interest over them.

Out of all the F4 members, only Vic Chou and Vanness Wu are able to maintain a stable relationship with their respective ladies.

Not so long ago, F4 had been the ideal embodiment of the male species, the living model of how men should be in the minds of most teenage girls.Vic was said to have broken up with Beatrice because of Barbie, but the breakdown of his relationship with Barbie was attributed to Beatrice’s untimely death.After his break up with Barbie in 2008, Vic became more private with his personal matters.It’s still yet to be seen whether his relationship with Wen Wen will last.Since breaking up with long term girlfriend Kelly Lin, hardly any of his past relationships lasted longer for more than a year.

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