When do clark and lana start dating

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Although she loved him, he viewed her only platonically. In the 2003-04 Birthright origin, they are shown to have been in a relationship.

This is retained in the 2009-10 Secret Origins story in which Clark once again became Superboy, but only for adventures with the Legion of Superheroes, never publically.

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She eventually marries her and Clark's childhood friend Pete Ross (who does not know his identity, whereas Pre-Crisis it was he knew while she did not).

Clark's friend Lex made a generous donation to Smallville High and Lana got the principal to put it toward the school newspaper and computer lab by agreeing to put her pom poms down and focus on her academics, becoming the school's network administrator. Labs in Metropolis after high school while Clark was accepted into Midwestern University.

Lana's position as the computer gatekeeper got her sucked into many of the adventures of Clark, Chloe and Pete; but none so memorable as when Lana was literally sucked into a tornado, only to be rescued by Clark Kent. The two broke up and went their ways, but Lana would show up in Clark's life again fifteen years after high school, when Perry White hired her as the Science Writer for the Daily Planet after reading a report she wrote on her blog about the launch of the UN's Watchtower.

Clark started getting sick around Lana and his parents, and even Clark himself, made strange excuses to avoid Lana and her aunt.

This only reinforced Nell's warnings of Clark being a weirdo.

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