What do we learn form dating

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It takes a toll on your self-confidence and your ego. There’s no doubt that this will haunt your future relationships no matter how hard you try to let it go.You are plagued with endless amounts of questions: how could this happen to me? This is just one way that baggage will transfer from one relationship to another.

The hardest life experiences will teach you valuable lessons and mold you into a better person.

Although it's completely normal for your trust to be dented when a relationship has gone bad, it is vital to remember that everyone is different and you can't really make a decision about new partners until you have spent a reasonable amount of time with them.

Yes of course there are people out there who might treat you badly and mess you about, but they'll probably look and sound just the same as the ones who could treat you well and make you feel great.

What is important is to take a little time to sort the good from the bad and to get to know the people you date properly rather than coming to premature conclusions about them.

Tell yourself that every person is an individual and no two relationships will ever be the same.

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