Wechat american sex scene

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Fishbowls in Macau operate a lot like they do at places like Honey Massage in Pattaya.That said, I think the Macau shops tend to be a little better on average.Said her friend scared of police and gangster....?!? The guy called with no caller-Id and ask me said he is so and so in China, local also got many girls and triad and gang and etc, said to be safe, they only do electronic exchange...sure, promise once I buy a 0 i Tunes card, she will ask lady to come meet me. And the prc guy ask me to scrap metal he card and text him the number so he can verify.... I cut the line and went back....Sianz to the max....I was like...gets interesting fishy and I said I have no garunteer, he keeps saying his name is big here and threaten to find me, burn me, raid my house becoz he has my no. Hi bros, I simply like to play along with these wechat scammers.These gals are usually Chinese and they usually prefer Chinese and other Asian customers.The “race track” at the Lisboa (so-called because the women keep walking in a circle to avoid problems with security) is the most famous area for this sort of action.They can't do much about it My advise Don get scam! The rest of the numbers will be up to u to decide Just to share, most Wechat gal/auto add are fake.

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It’s moved around a few times recently but it’s worth tracking down.Unlike the saunas the action here is more to the point.Customers walk in, chose one or more of the ladies from the extensive line up of beautiful women (mostly from Vietnam) and then head to a private room where they get bath play followed by full service fun.Another fishbowl is Darling 2, which is basically a smaller and less expensive version of number one.There are many working women in Macau who prowl the casinos in search of customers.

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