Webcam chatrooms for 60 plus

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But now it seems we have another unwelcome guest watching us as we type and chat.And what makes the actions of GCHQ unique is the scale on which it is capturing these images.The best option of all would be for some discussion about how we strike the balance between personal privacy and national or international security.According to the latest leaked documents, GCHQ staff have been viewing intimate images of webcam users who were not intelligence targets.

The best way to protect the privacy of your webcam chats is to make sure that they are encrypted.

Hackers have been stealing webcam images of unsuspecting users for some time.

The Metasploit tool comes with packages that make it easy for even a novice hacker to gain access to the webcam of any computer that doesn’t have all of the available patches and updates installed.

Yahoo’s web chat server was based on its Yahoo Messenger system, which dates back to the nineties.

This legacy system has never supported encryption and it was this weakness that made it possible for GCHQ to harvest personal images on such a large scale.

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