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American singer Vanessa Carlton announced at a gig this weekend that she is bisexual.She told an audience of 18,000 people at a gay and lesbian festival in Nashville, Tennessee that she was “proud” of her sexual orientation.So it appears to me that she’d rather get high and make out and do whatever with her boyfriend than to meet and quickly greet the people who put her where she is.

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Apparently SMCSLANG had troubles getting any photos of 3EB, and later Vanessa Carlton, who were hanging out in the same tour bus.

SMCSLANG writes, “Stephen was walking back onto the bus and I said ‘Stephen, can Vanessa come out real quick and take a pic with us?

’ and he said ‘No man, no she can’t’ and that was it.

Reports claim that Vanessa was pressuring him to get married, but Zac is not ready for marriage.

Supposedly, she was expecting an engagement proposal for her birthday or New Years 2011.

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