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Validating tickets in the Metro in Budapest In the metro, you must validate the tickets before stepping on the escalators, which will take you down to the metro vehicle.

You can see little punch machines in front of the escalators, that’s where you can validate them.

Do you have only one type of travel document (ticket or subscription)?

Do you have a subscription tickets on your card and want to use the subscription?

You cannot travel on Budapest Public Transport vehicles without a ticket, or you will be fined automatically.

Ticket inspectors in Budapest can be very unpleasant, really unpleasant – with anyone, not just with dodgers.

Validating your tickets on Budapest Public Transport is of utmost importance. Unless you deliberately wish to spoil your Budapest stay.

Some tickets for specific journeys can be refunded (sometimes only partially) or exchanged, depending on the after sale conditions for the ticket purchased, usually only within an hour of scheduled departure. So, I went to the link provided by "djk" and the same person who said use the yellow and orange machines must have written the directions for the yellow machines. If the ticket needs to be inserted a specific way, the time stamp will not work until inserted that way.The metro ticket is only OK for a trip within 1 hour from validation.Validating tickets on Buses in Budapest Buses have punch machines at the doors, the electronic (or electric?Ticket and card readers are available on each TBM route.Please get your ticket or card ready before boarding any bus, tram or Bat3.

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