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It eliminates the need to write application code that loads the validator and then executes the schema against the input.

This really simplifies the entire process of trying out a schema.

Let’s first look at a simple example validating “Hello, World” using a JSON schema.

The data that we want to validate is: “Hello, World” This schema will do the job: This schema invalidates all strings shorter than 12 characters and longer than 12 characters (there are 12 characters in the data set).

Instead of writing voluminous application code to validate the request, we specify the validation rules in clear, human readable JSON schema that also doubles as documentation for the web service data contract.

Consider the following, more complex example: Data input With the following input we have a somewhat contrived military service record: Try experimenting with both the input and the schema itself.

In other words, it can tell you whether the document is valid.

Let’s look at a couple of approaches one can take to validate the incoming JSON.This leap-of-faith approach may make coding faster and easier, but it does not make for robust software.Several years ago a co-worker showed me that it is far better to practice “safe-programming” by guarding against bad input.There are several excellent tutorials available to get you more acquainted with these concepts.A good starting point is the excellent guide given here: Principal Software Engineer @Constant Contact.

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