Updating calculated gridview field

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I would like this to update as soon as the user has entered a value for one of the days and tabbed out.The table is as below: The items rows are not always fixed and the user could add x number of rows depending on how many items they have on order.You can find example configurations of the grid from this page: Configuring the Read-Only Grid.If you're using an editable grid as a read-only grid, because you didn't have access to the rich-text component, then you could see a performance improvement changing that editable grid to a read-only grid.But issues is when there are multirecords:when I am doing total of all the row value in promotionfees(column) in totalfees(column) now balance also should show correctly that is happening fine.But when I update any of the values in promotionfees or Totalfees currentrow level Balance not shown properly. What I want when I change any value in any of the column any row the Balance should show correctly.Examfees are paid in installment in my project The idea if single record is found then it doing calculation of balance=promotionfees-totlafees and if anywhere due to mistyping is value is higher then the respectively msgbox displays error.

Trying to convert your existing grids by manipulating the underlying expression will likely result in a lot of unnecessary, leftover content, and possibly some unusual behaviors that result from trying to preserve your existing paging information.Currently this column is for display purposes only and I will not be doing anything else with the Weekly Total value.My question is, how can I achieve this requirement in APEX.Interactive Grid Cookbook - Dynamic Total Column pagehttps://jeffkemponoracle.com/2016/04/declarative-tabular-form-dynamic-totals/https://Here I am Sending you my code ,wherein I want to have total of examfees(column), Promotion Fees(column), Totalfees(column) and Balance(column).

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