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Seeing how things are I don’t have much confidence in a functional long distance relationship with him.

We only have two weeks left living in the same state until he permanently moves away.

I never pushed him further than our arrangement of enjoying our relationship without any long term promises.

I’m also eventually applying to medical school and so I understood where he was coming from.

During this time we really connected over our shared faiths, career goals, and personal attributes.

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Do you think you are needy and want to change this?

I’m willing to try to accept him as he is (not a big communicator) but perhaps there’s a way to make him understand that I need more. For all I know I’m so caught up in the idea of him that I haven’t even realized that he is being a jerk.

I don’t need to be a priority (he isn’t my priority either, School comes first! -Jennifer Hi Jennifer, I'm so glad you reached out.

I decided to say goodbye to him and explained that I was walking away because I needed more.

I told him that I loved him but that I thought it would be best that we no longer communicate. During this time he had been out of town for about a month traveling.

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