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Sky Safari will not just help you become a better-equipped astronomy fan, but also just lay down, relax, and look at the stars, with features like the soothing background music, for example.It is equipped with a powerful search, which can help you instantly find any celestial object you’re looking for.

You can tap objects you see in the live sky to get a concise description, as well as a detailed image of the object.Its primary feature of the sky view seems similar to other apps on this list at first glance.However, Sky View has an augmented reality (AR) mode for this view, which lets you point your camera to the sky and identify celestial objects in the app.Download: Star Walk 2 Free for Android | i OS (Free, in-app purchases available) Download: Star Walk 2 for Android | i OS (.99)Star Chart gives you three different modes. Secondly, you get an explore mode that lets you wander across the solar system.The third mode is called “Moments in time”, which lets you take a virtual look at important past events in astronomy.

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