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Parameter names and values are based on data fields bound to a control or alternatively on parameter objects that you define explicitly.

Parameters from a data-bound control include both values for the data operation and for key values to identify a specific row, as defined by the definitions to specify parameter order, parameter type, and parameter direction as well as additional parameters other than those based on fields bound to a control.

The data source control then submits the updated values to the database using an SQL statement or stored procedure. The command properties can be set to an SQL statement or to the name of a stored procedure if your data source supports stored procedures.

The actual syntax of the SQL statement depends on the schema of your data and on which database you are using.

This is to increase the maintainability of the code.

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I then tried with 2 bound fields predefined and didn't add any columns, but removed the predefined, and same error.(I haven't tried the result if removing predefined columns) If I use commandfield's instead of templete fields the code works fine.

For example, if you are using a events after the database operation completes.

You can handle these events to determine whether an exception was thrown during the database operation, to learn how many records were affected by the operation, or to examine any output values the database operation returns.

The statement can include parameters if the data source supports them.

Parameters are used to send values for insert, update, and delete operations to the data source.

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