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However, I’m a reasonable chappie capable of spotting redeeming qualities in most games and I firmly believe that too many gamers these days rush to use the “worst game ever” judgement.

In my experience, disagreeable games are merely average or flawed with merit-worthy aspects.

For Sprung on the DS, FAQ/Walkthrough by Patt3rson. You've arrived at Snow Bird Mountain with your best friend, Becky.

With the choices below you will get the seven hints and the result of that in the quickest way. You will give up an item for it, but if you play it out like this you will get back more in return for this.

There are more topics available, so if you do something wrong you have some more chances.

3) Use Item (Choose 1) *You have received the Golden Line for Becky* Kiki: You think?!

Becky: Remember those sleepovers we used to have...

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