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Entrants register a name at the door so we can be ready for you. ( The Women Who Fought Rome (And Almost Won) The Roman Empire lasted in the West for almost a millennium, and over the course of its history, many people from Hannibal to the Huns tried to unseat Rome from the center of the world.

So join us for the tale of three such people who all took their shot at the Roman eagle, all women.

Bring your laptop, notepad, vellum & inkpot, mnemonic memory palace, what-have-you.

We’ll provide the friendly setting, the wisdom of our experience, and the tips & tricks that will take your talk from “well, that was interesting” to “holy shit my mind is blown!

In the midst of today’s divisive rhetoric, the fourth American Dream Reconsidered Conference addresses immigration, citizenship and pursuit of the American Dream.

Tickets are limited by event space, and they’re going fast!Bridget Holcomb is a proud representative of Duluth’s Nerd Nite.Her background is in biology and environmental studies, and has had a low-key obsession with Easter Island since she was 12. Fecal transplants: Real science or a load of crap by Cat Plunkett The role of gut bacteria in health and disease is a hot topic in current medical research.If you’d like to give a talk someday but aren’t sure of every step, Nerd Nite Chicago offers Study Hall to guide your way.Attendance implies no obligation to perform, though we certainly encourage people to sign up for a future speaker slot!

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