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Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Do you believe in soul mates?Do you hold the idea that there is one person (or just a few), who is uniquely compatible with you?soul mates) on the quality of actual relationships.More particularly, he compared relationships of people who believed in soul-mates (e.g.Given the research, if an individual wants intensely-passionate, short-term flings, then belief in soul mates will serve them well.

In all relationships, however, disagreement, conflict, and incompatibility will arise.As a result, those beliefs tend drive soul mate searchers to be intensely passionate and satisfied with partners at first, particularly while things are compatible.However, when problems inevitably arise, believers in soul mates often don't cope well and leave the relationship instead.A romantic growth individual doesn't have the same intense, euphoric response to partner connections.However, when problems arise, they are motivated to solve them and stay committed to their partner.

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