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She had decided that now that she knew there was fan mail for her, and quite a lot of it, she could make arrangements to "discover' it at another time.

Sonny was giggling inside every time the other girl made increasing blatant moves on Eric.

There had been one close moment when Tawni had given away what she was doing with Sonny's fan mail but the Wisconsin girl had held her anger in and continued her deception.

Her attention was wrenched away from the blonde's verbal wanderings when Sonny became aware that a set of fingers was creeping over her thigh. Warm breath puffs into Sonny's ear, accompanied by a soft giggle.

You didn't find stores like THAT in Middleton, Wisconsin.

She still couldn't believe she was doing this, masquerading again as Eric and doing so expressly to meet with Tawni.

And every time Sonny thought of that kiss a tingle ran down her back. And why had she actually gone out and bought her "accessory"? But the only reason it had been that is because she was reveling in the knowledge she was fooling the other girl who had made fun of her and given her such a rough time when she first arrived in Hollywood.

Not that even a girl from the heartland was completely unfamiliar with the assortment of artificial aids that a girl could use for a good time. Yes, things were better now but it was time for a little payback.

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