Small talk dating

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To reveal the winner, just rate everyone's answers, and whoever did the best gets to chat with you.Obviously, this comes with plenty of opportunity to find things you have in common, and hopefully fast-track you to a first date.It's pretty pointless, IMHO, and it's much better to at least try to ask engaging and funny questions of someone you're into if you want to chat a bit before meeting.Here are seven dating apps that can provide you with more exciting conversation fodder, if that's your preferred style.Since pictures are worth a thousand words, there will be lots more potential convo starters within someone's Story.

There have been times when someone will message me several times over the course of a few days, each time just resetting and saying 'hi' over and over again without ever carrying on a real conversation or suggesting a date.

If you want a combo dating app/game, The Catch could be the answer.

You create a 'game' where you pose questions — either your own or ones provided by the app — then potential matches answer them anonymously.

If you're someone who does better under pressure, CMB might be the dating app for you.

When you match with someone, the two of you have a chat room open — but only for seven days.

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