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If you were to translate these phrases literally, the meaning would not be understood, because the literal translation of the words libaas (garments), sakan (repose) and lamas (touch, contact) does not convey what is meant.

Rather the context of the verses indicates that what is meant here is a metaphor that refers to the reality of marital life, but from a spiritual point of view.

menstruating) in ways other than its literal meaning?

Rather they may use this word to refer to an adult woman who has reached the age when she begins to menstruate; they do not mean that she has got her monthly period at that moment in time.

The one who understands this word according to its literal, dictionary meaning will encounter this erroneous contradiction.

But the one who understands it as it is used by the Arabs, referring to an adult woman who has reached the age when she begins to menstruate, even if she is not actually menstruating at the moment, will understand the hadeeth properly and will understand the way in which the Arabs use the word.

After studying a number of translations of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an into English it becomes clear that the translators differed in the ways in which they rendered the meaning of this verse, “wa kawaa‘ib atraaban”; they fall into two categories.

The first group gave the literal meaning of the word without paying attention to the usage of this word in the context of referring to age. l=arb&t=eng&n Sora=78&n Aya=31 It was translated in a similar manner by both Laleh Baktiar and Ibrahim Walk.

It is well known in Islamic teachings that it is not valid for a woman to offer the prayer at the time of her menses; rather it is forbidden for her to do that, according to scholarly consensus, until her period ends and she purifies herself after that.The point of using this word is not to describe the size of the breasts or to note their form or shape; rather the purpose is to highlight the woman’s youthfulness. It says in Sharh Ma‘aani Shi‘r al-Mutanabbi by Ibn al-Ifleeli (vol.Ibn al-Jawzi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: The woman is a tiflah (little girl) when she is small, waleedah when she begins to walk, then a kaa‘ib when her breasts begin to appear, then a naahid when they increase in size, then ma‘sar when she reaches the age of puberty, then khawd when she reaches the age of a young woman. 1, 2/270): A young man is called shaabb and a young woman is called kaa‘ib. Imam az-Zajjaaj – who is one of the leading scholars of the Arabic language – says: The phrase “wa kawaa‘ib atraaban (translated above as: And full-breasted maidens of equal age)” means that they are all of the same age, which is the pinnacle of youth and beauty.From the same root comes the word ka‘b, which refers to the ankle, which is the bone on the two sides of the lower leg where it meets the foot; and the word Ka‘bah which refers to the House of Allah, may He be exalted; it is so called because of its prominence and its square shape. But it is very inappropriate to limit one’s examination to the literal, dictionary meaning of the roots of a word in any language; rather it is also essential to pay attention to the context in which the speakers of that language themselves use a word.A woman is described as kaa‘ib when her breasts begin to develop. Do you not see that the Arabs use the word al-haa’id (lit.

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