Slow dating on line

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Due to the love-drug known as oxytocin, some men and women become somehow emotionally bonded after having sex.

This means you’re more likely to overlook their less than charming personality traits.

This is the only time during your relationship where you don’t know the ins and outs of their bodies. [Read: 10 reasons why saying “I love you” too soon just sucks! Taking it slow in a relationship by not having sex may actually prevent you from staying with a total douche-bag longer than you should have.Now, you probably shouldn’t jump out of a cake on your first date shouting from the rooftops about how they won’t be getting laid for a while if they go out with you…but don’t let it linger on for too long without saying *something*.As a female, you don’t want to lose your partner’s interest by never putting out, or equally make him feel like you don’t love or want him sexually.[Read: Why men subconsciously find the chase irresistible and end up falling harder] Letting your partner know where you stand is important.

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