Simple java code for validating user in servlets

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The better approach is extending Generic Servlet (like Window Adapter to close the frame) which contains only one abstract method service().

It is enough to the programmer to override only this method. Generic Servlet was used by the programmers when HTTP protocol was not standardized for the Web.

In our example, we use a filter to validate input data. To validate the email format, we use the Apache Commons Validator.

I am new to Java and servlets and this is just a practice exercise I'm stuck on.

I have a simple HTML form with two text fields for a first and last name, and two radio buttons for gender, plus a submit button. Http Servlet Response; @Web Servlet("/Main") public class Main extends javax.

Our Simple Java class which contains variable declaration and getter and setter method with no argument constructor that is our POJO class. But make another POJO Class for your business logic.

Generally MVC model flow like Jsp --> Servlet -- > Servlet call your business logic which is your java class then Servlet get result from business class --> finally Servlet pass to jsp. Make object of that class and call method which contains all your business logic.

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