Sikh guy dating muslim girl

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Her parents tried, but there were very few ways that they could fulfill the traditional match-making function.Her parents were very apprehensive about their children’s marriage prospects as the youngest daughter, Kamla, went off for a university education in the U.Perhaps he knew that Sikhism and Judaism were not as incompatible as they might appear to others. Sikhism, a religion founded on the Indian subcontinent, is, however, staunchly monotheistic.

When we married in Honolulu some 25 years ago, one of us was brought up in a Jewish home in the Midwestern United States and the other came from the overseas Indian community in the Far East.

In general, the parents approved these representatives of their future son-in-law, even before they met me.

These boys, they declared to their daughter afterwards, were different from the ordinary Americans they had encountered.

They could approve of the family their daughter was marrying into.

Also, it didn’t harm things that Kamla’s dad had gone to see the film Fiddler on the Roof and had wept with Tevye over fears for the future of his daughters.

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