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By being how they learned about it — we are the experts in the area.I want them to know that it’s a GREAT thing, but I ALSO want them to know that it’s not something we talk about with our friends on the playground.I believe it to be a strong cause of increased teen suicide as you just aren’t ready to handle those strong emotions at that age.**Now, I am just barely hitting this one (as I write this my oldest will be 18 in a few months) — but I know that talk needs to come.I have a son, but I think this is good advice for all kids heading to college. I do believe we have created a party atmosphere on college campuses that is having long-term consequences for many kids.Often, if they are — I’d ask them where they are hearing it from if it’s just a genuine question — answer as briefly as possible, while still answering the question**I also am VERY clear that the areas of your body that are covered by a swimsuit are off limits for other people. And, if someone is (that isn’t your doctor when mom is in the room with you), you need to talk to a trusted adult about it. It is very important to me that their original sex talk comes from either myself or my husband, and NOT on the playground.Note: Be VERY sure to use the actual names of areas of their body when you reference them in this way. I want them to know that we are open and honest about it — and that we are a fount of information on the subject!That way, expanding beyond that made it more natural. Books are great since we are encouraging our kids to learn all sorts of things from books (I’m a huge fan of keeping lots of non-fiction books at home).But, at that age, I’d mostly just answer questions. Here are some common questions young kids have about babies: Where do babies come from? Say that the egg and the sperm meet, and the mommy grows the baby in her tummy How does the baby come out?

He squirts in some sperm to her vagina, which is like a tunnel to her uterus.I do also allow my kids to go to every “maturation” talk by the school.I hope that if I talk abstinence at home, and they learn about condoms in school we at least won’t end up with herpes or a pregnancy (I also review the school’s talk so that we can have a brief talk together before they learn at school).🙂I love this video our church put out: One of my most favorite quotes about sex comes from a nurse I work with:.Be clear that you aren’t going to judge them or laugh at them.

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