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Copycat poisonings ran wild until the novel­ ty wore off. Later the shuttle will return to earth at a permanent landing area JUSt a few miles from the launching pad. Garfield cele­ brated his fifth birthday on June 19, 1983. PHAR l",aqlolah, PHAR College of Sciences and Arts Anthropology BU, Ie MI.

Acid added to eye drops, rat poison to edibles, and other pain-reliever tamperings all occurred, fueling the public's fear and the need for tamper-proof con­ tainers. Entertainment The entertainment world was invaded by a short, squatty little guy named "E. The Stray Cats played their rockibilly tunes to the top of the charts, just one of many new artists to takeover the airwaves and video channels of the U. MTV, short for Music Television, became the new hypnosis of the 1980's with their video programming. Louis Cardinals won the World Series over the Milwaukee Brewers, four games to three, rallying from a 3-2 deficit.

Iowa recruited Raveling to take over a suc­ cessful program that has been to the NCAA tournament consistantly, but a school that lost its coach to the warm weather of Arizona. Cougar fans will miss his hell-raising on the sidelines, his arms raised high, trying to get the fans of Friel Court to their feet.

In 1984 he will join Indiana's Bobby Knight as an assistant coach for the U. After the current season, he left for the greener pastures of Iowa.

From environmentalists to Beach Boy fans, the Secretary of the In­ terior was deemed to have stuck his foot in his mouth one too many times. ''I'm sure that what Jim really meant to say was that ... Dustin Hoffman wore drag in his role as "Tootsie" but it wasn't enough to get him the Oscar for Best Actor.

" Extra-Strength Tylenol was not too reli­ able of a pain-reliever the latter part of Sep­ tember and early October after seven people died from ingesting cyanide-laced capsules. The honor went to Ben Kingsley for his por­ trayal of "Ghandi".

1983 was like all the years previous, in that it was a year unlike any other. A mid-September mas­ sacre by Lebanese Christian militiamen left hundreds of Palestinian refugees slaught­ ered in the streets. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev died after 18 years at the helm and was suceeded by Yuri Andropov, a former KGB leader. S., from mothers in Great Britain to students in France and Germany, voices and actions be­ came louder and bolder in the fight against the final holocaust. Lech Walesa continued his fight against oppression; the savior of the Polish people met with Pope John Paul II in June. National The national scene stayed' on course with Ronald Reagan in the saddle. Ronnie's ways, most notably House Speaker Tip O'Neill and the rest of the weakened Democratic party.

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The largest amount of damage oc­ curred in California, both Northern and Southern. In the old days across the Palouse hills There was a legend the trappers told 2 . Did I hear someone say that Economics should be a science? The race for the Democratic presidential nomination began to heat up and at last count there were 328 candidates running. From Washington to Colorado to the Virgin Islands, water flowed in abnormal amounts, as did the federal aid to rebuild the areas. Melinda - federal Way, BACT Calvin, Nancy - CI.,lmon. Gamini - Sri Lanka, Coll On, Kathr}-n - DOlh Ell, Oi, I'I. The problem being that while everyone might understand what the words may consist ofindividually , no one can agree to what happens when they all come together at once. With the record , the Cougars received a NCAA post season bid. In 1980, however, the Cougars finished 22-6 and third place in the Pacific-l O.

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