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I first learned of slave auctions on the Internet (where else? Some slave auctions are fun events, consensual and organized by one BDSM club or another.

Red thong, matching red bra, brand new, size 5 panties, 34C bra, my sizes. In her hand she held a leather collar, about a half inch wide, also red. "Someone will come get you tomorrow." Using a key she unsnapped the brass lock on my collar. Two men stood in the door, dressed in leather pants and boots, naked from the waist up. Moving to one of the upper bunks they unlocked the girl lying there and gently pulled her down out of the bunk.I was told girls with fewer limits brought a higher price.The only problem was, the girl's Master submitted her for the auction, drove her to it, and picked her up afterwards. I arrived by taxi to a warehouse area of the city on a Thursday evening around 9 PM. Through an open door I saw an unmistakable apparatus, an OB/GYN exam table complete with stirrups. "Remove your clothes and shoes , put them in this bag," she said, pointing. I undressed, pulled on the paper gown, and sat in the exam chair.One girl at a time this took over three hours, twelve girls in all.I was lucky to be fifth; some of the others had to wait a long time to go pee.

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