Seventy thirty dating reviews

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Susie has created a sophisticated business designed to serve a basic human need.

Susie’s previous books include Exclusive Matchmaking, Happy Gay Marriage & Successful Gay Dating, and The Mottos.

The concept of intimacy is often misunderstood in relationships.

It is mistakenly thought to be simply physical, rather than a complex interplay of emotional, psychological and physical needs.

When we started, there was no other agency operating at the exclusive luxury end of the market.

We had emails from professionals in the dating industry saying that no one will ever pay that much for matchmaking.

After training as a psychoanalyst and working within the NHS, Susie chose to open her own psychotherapy clinic.

Researching the market, there was no other agency offering luxury matchmaking services exclusively to such exceptional people.

Using psychological expertise, experience and strategies, we get to the core of who are Members are, what they need – and then we find it! Our approach has been highly successful in terms of member experience and business.

Our bespoke, professional and discreet service has an extremely high success rate, with over 85% of Seventy Thirty members finding a relationship through us.

In 2001 she founded Seventy Thirty, the first exclusive matchmaking company for a sophisticated clientele.

She has a team of highly trained and experienced psychologists and relationship experts who work to find members their perfect partner.

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