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A firm will usually increase the ratio of short-term debt to long-term debt when A.

no general relationship between short- and long-term rates. intermediate rates (one to five years) lower than both short-term and long-term rates.

A “normal” term structure of interest rates would depict A.

short-term debt has a lower cost than long-term equity. the term structure is inverted and expected to shift down. the term structure is upward sloping and expected to shift up. the firm is undertaking a large capital budgeting project.

it reduces the number of suppliers bidding for a company’s business.

Permanent current assets are not a factor in a manager’s decision-making process when all current assets will be A.

manpower and equipment are used efficiently at lower cost. current assets fluctuate more than with seasonal production. seasonal bulges and sharp declines in current assets occur. Working capital management is primarily concerned with the management and financing of A. Well-implemented Web-based supply chain management has all of the following benefits except A. the large number of maturities form a continuous curve. they are free of default risk and the large number of maturities form a continuous curve. None of the options As the economy moves through a business cycle, which of the following “term structure of interest rates” theories dominates the shape of the yield curve. Some analysts believe that the term structure of interest rates is determined by the behavior of various types of financial institutions.

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