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I cannabinoidi, come il CBD, si legano ai nostri recettori e stimolano risposte in diverse zone del corpo, favorendo diversi meccanismi neurologici benefici.

In particolare, il THC risulta particolarmente efficace nella lotta al dolore e – a differenza dei farmaci – non presenta effetti collaterali. Comprendiamo che molti nella privacy della propria casa decideranno di inalarla, è nostro dovere informare la clientela che nonostante la cannabis light sia perfettamente legale e con tenore di THC nei limiti di legge, la sua assunzione espone alla possibilità di risultare positivi ad eventuali test.Raccomandiamo responsabilità nell’uso di cannabis light (cannabis legale) Be Green declina ogni responsabilità derivata da usi impropri di cannabis light e predotti derivati.Submission Title: Coordinated motility of cyanobacteria favor mat formation, photosynthesis and carbon burial in low-oxygen, high-sulfur shallow sinkholes of Lake Huron; whereas deep-water aphotic sinkholes are analogs of deep-sea seep and vent ecosystems Submission Title: Effects of Low versus High Freshwater Discharge on the Concentration and Character of Dissolved Carbon, and on the Microbial Community Composition in the Skidaway River Estuary (Southeast USA).Submission Title: Zinc complexing ligands in rivers in pristine peatland areas in Borneo, and rivers with agricultural and industrial anthropogenic influence in Tropical South East Asia: Elucidating the connection to oceanic regional and global distributions of Zinc ligands and bioavailable Zinc Submission Title: Assessment of Canyon Wall Failure Process and Disturbance Gradients from Multibeam Bathymetry and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Observations, Puerto Rico and the U. Atlantic Continental Margin Submission Title: Using multispectral, multiangle polarimetric remote sensing observation for ocean color retrievals: Studies performed for the Pre-Aerosol, Clouds, and ocean Ecosystem (PACE) mission.

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