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For codegen tests, this can be useful to allow any register, but verify that that register is used consistently later.

To do this, File Check supports string substitution blocks that allow string variables to be defined and substituted into patterns. If a colon follows the name, then it is a definition of the variable; otherwise, it is a substitution.

If the definition your test is looking for doesn’t match (because of a bug in the compiler), it may match further away from the use, and mask real bugs away.

In those cases, to enforce the order, use a non-DAG directive between DAG-blocks. Not only is this non-overlapping behavior consistent with other directives, but it’s also necessary to handle sets of non-unique strings or patterns.

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is a convenience function that makes modifications to the scale of the plot to make them more amenable to nodes with large points and text, as well as providing defaults for common analyses in DAGs, e.g.

For example, the following directives look for unordered log entries for two tasks in a parallel program, such as the Open MP runtime: The second pair of directives is guaranteed not to match the same log entries as the first pair even though the patterns are identical and even if the text of the log entries is identical because the thread ID manages to be reused.

directives may inadvertently succeed by matching lines in a later block.

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File Check defaults to ignoring horizontal whitespace differences (e.g.a space is allowed to match a tab) but otherwise, the contents of the “” line is required to match some thing in the test file exactly.One nice thing about File Check (compared to grep) is that it allows merging test cases together into logical groups.While an error will usually eventually be generated, the check flagged as causing the error may not actually bear any relationship to the actual source of the problem.In order to produce better error messages in these cases, the “ It is often useful to match a pattern and then verify that it occurs again later in the file.

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