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It’s not a completely false portrait and some things are just not going to change.While we can hope against hope for political change, we know for sure that portly provincial princesses will continue to pose in front of rugs in leopard-print lingerie; that skinny nerds will always think that nunchakus will make them irresistible; that Russians will still be lousy drivers. In the end the foreigner learns that his beautiful Elena turned out to be a bearded Boris, but most likely the ill-starred foreigner will blame heartless Russian women for everything.

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The internet’s penchant for mix-and-matching evil tyrant stories with freewheeling freakshows also feels like a return to pre-Soviet models.

To rescue its online reputation, therefore, Russia needs a collection of You Tube-era Dostoevskys and Gogols, native Russians who can keep in all the trademark crazy that westerners love, but inject it with homegrown genius and rational, intellectual brilliance.

We’ll still get the Slavic kicks we crave, and there’ll still be all sorts of imperialist issues at play, but at least the Russian component will be acknowledged as something more than an affinity for the inexplicable.

This reputation for untrammelled emotion originated long ago, but was interrupted by the Cold War, which turned Russia into a byword for scientistic rationalism. A place that is on the edge, literally and metaphorically.

In The Russian Point of View (1925), Virginia Woolf gave her not inaccurate summary of Russian literary culture and, in particular, Dostoevsky: “Indeed, it is the soul that is the chief character in Russian fiction… This image is also, of course, eagerly promoted and exploited by Russians looking to emphasise their spiritual exceptionalism.

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