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There are many opportunities in the Yorkshire Dales to strap on the hiking boots, grab a map and simply walk the many, many trails.

There are long-distance walks that cover vast distances of the park, including the famous Pennine Way and even the much longer Coast to Coast Walk which passes through the area.

When Henry VIII began reforming the Church of England however, he closed most of these abbeys, including Bolton Abbey, and while the lands were taken over, the churches and buildings themselves were simply left to fall into disrepair.

The village itself is just as rustic and rural as the abbey, and you can spend the day walking the ruins, exploring the streets and hiking in the countryside, for a true immersion in the beauty of Yorkshire.

Surrounded by rolling, green hills and wide landscapes, the picturesque setting adds to the ramshackle walls and brickwork that is a shadow of its former glory, but that somehow still looks spectacular.

Bolton Abbey was once a magnificent, rich English church, dating back to the 12th century.

The cities of Leeds and Durham are never too far away, while even the famous landscapes of the Lake District are within easy reach.

There are some wonderful day trips from York, and here are our favourites.

This was once a busy and important rail route through the north of England, but it closed in the mid 20th century.

Today you can still find the best Wensyldale for sale here, and if you visit the local chip shop, you can even try the local delicacy of deep-fried cheese, if you dare.

On the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the countryside village of Haworth can be found.

More than this though, Whitby was where Captain Cook, one of Yorkshire’s most famous naval characters, learnt the trade that then saw him circumnavigate the globe and chart the east coast of Australia, amongst his many other exploits.

You can explore the extensive local history, and in summer you can even swim at the beaches, although it might still be too cold for most visitors.

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