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Much of the actual documentation was destroyed by the previously mentioned factory fires.The majority of RB collectors tend to concentrate on one variety mainly because of limited display space available. They are particularly colorful and whimsical; the designers took naturalistic forms and turned them into utilitarian (but fanciful) shapes.With the advent of the internet, unknown versions frequently show up to surprise even veteran collectors. You just never know what you'll find in your ongoing search for this exquisite porcelain!There are quite a few different marks to be found on RB. The marks were made via rubberstamps or decals found under the glaze.

Additional figural shapes include shells, fruits, flowers and leaves.

In the people forms, there is an Art Nouveau lady line, men and women characters, devils and the highly-collectible Santas.

RB offers a huge variety of animals including ladybugs, snakes, turtles, roosters and platypuses, just to name a few. A huge group was created using the devil and card design.

Today's factory is still in operation but strictly manufacturing fine dinnerware.

The vintage novelty wares have always been the most highly collected.

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