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When newly open he petals are cerise pink, shaded with violet, their reverse silvery blue violet. Belle of Portugal grows all over California in places where it gets no care at all, and blooms in great profusion late in April and during May. The hardiest of all, they create beautiful pictures, are resistant to rose pests, mildew, rust and blackspot, and need no pruning, except to remove dead wood. for pure visual beauty in a landscape it takes the prize." Bewitched. Holds its color in midsummer heat although best size and color are in somewhat cooler conditions. Fragrance is like French talc and wafts all around them..contest when compared to any other rose. (bell duh cray-SEE) The 3 1/2 to 4 inch flowers open wide and flat, with many petals and a green eye at the center, much like the classic Madame Hardy. (bell-pwo-tuh-VEEN) No roses beat out the Rugosas for garden ornament. Established plants give the best bloom, and this rose particularly enjoys a good drink of water regularly to support all of those wonderful large blooms it produces all season long. They are easy to care for..pruning, spraying or winter protection is required.

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This is one of two (Fair Bianca is the other) of Oprah's favorite roses for her bedside table. The plants are disease resistant, regally tall and continuous flowering. In 2001, Angel Face was the James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal Winner, which is awarded to very fragrant roses by the American Rose Society.

An award winning climber with well formed large coral pink buds and blooms that have a strong spicy fragrance. She would have been proud to know that Griff named this rose for her. Climbing Angel Face is a sport of the well proven bush, and has the same ruffled lavender flowers and strong citrus fragrance. (ah-ree-YAH-gah) Two-thirds open flowers are as big as medium size cabbages . There is not a modern Hybrid Tea rose that can touch it for size, shape or purity of color." Guinivere agrees, "this is one of my favorite roses for cutting for arrangements from the pot pourri field." Austrian Copper. Dislikes being fussed over, and shows its independence by dropping spent petals, leaving only the gold stamens on the plant. Filtered light tolerant, so you can grow this lovely Hybrid Musk under your trees and still have blossoms galore. (BAY-bee foh-ROCKS) A dwarf plant that puts all its energy into flowering.

Her name was Dorothy Stemler, and she was my mother. a rich tone of pale pink (the color raspberry juice would turn whipped cream), and fragrant. Leo Cloth wrote from Manhattan Beach, California, "Arrillaga is the most beautiful pink rose I have ever seen. I have seen huge old plants in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota completely winter hardy without protection.

Karen Kaufman, Pittsboro, North Carolina, wrote "Every shade of peach in existence finds its way into the blossoms, which are beautifully formed at every stage..such energy of growth! " Although peach tones are evident in deepening hues toward the center, the blooms give the overall impression of a delightful, soft yellow.

A beloved climber with well shaped and sweetly fragrant buds that become large full blooms of two-toned pink roses with a backdrop of dark green disease resistant leathery leaves.

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