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“In Islam, in the Arab world, we have rules against women talking to strange men,” said Suhair Adil, 24, demurely swathed in a white headscarf. More than a decade of sanctions has destroyed the economy, and many lament that the expenses associated with marriage — a house, for example — are beyond the reach of Iraq’s middle and lower classes. “We watch your movies, and we don’t know that American men can know how to respect Arab women.” Indeed, Fatin’s story sounds like a scandal to many of her Iraqi peers.Just as important, perhaps, is the acute shortage of suitors. “When God wants me to find someone, I will,” said Shatha Sami, a 26-year-old mathematics professor at Baghdad’s Mustanseriya University, where newly hung posters exhort women to dress modestly.

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“He was not like the other soldiers; he was trying to help people, to solve their problems,” said Fatin, an Iraqi Kurd who speaks perfect English. It took a long time to get inside, but I just watched him at work.” In the weeks after the fighting subsided in Baghdad, Fatin and her soldier had the only kind of relationship possible under the circumstances: discrete, delicious and chaste.We at Arab Lounge are committed to helping you meet that special someone.As a minority group, we understand that it is especially hard to meet compatible Arab singles. Tired of looking for single Arabic women at all the wrong places?Tired of the Arabic club scene, family get togethers and repeated matchmaking efforts by your friends and relatives?

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