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“This is a great achievement for our staff, who throughout the project worked hard to ensure that our collections remained safe and well-cared for; that the project was completed on time; and, most important, that the impact on our readers and their research was kept to a minimum,” Newberry Library Vice President Hjordis Halvorson said.

“We’re very pleased with the entire team at TAB, which did excellent work and was a great partner.” The Map Thief Edward Forbes Smiley III pled guilty in federal court to stealing ninety-seven maps worth a total of ,000,000.

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Newberry humanities seminar, instructing visiting students from A. This became the model for the Newberry Library Award, Professor Wendy Koenig and journalist Christine Badowski explained in their (2009) by Virginio Ferrari, as seen on June 5, 2010.S., and The Philippines; 500,000 historic maps; atlases; sheet music; and archival documents, including the corporate archives of railroad corporations and the personal papers of Midwestern writers and politicians. Other than those portions that can be glimpsed on-line, they can only be read in person, on-site.Spadafora said, “We want to make sure this cultural treasure remains accessible and, through digital resources, becomes more accessible.” As lightly touched on in Ms.One might guess that the rising value of antiquarian maps at auction in the 1990s would cause Smiley to get richer, but it brought increased competition. Some maps were more easily identified because the books had been damaged by worms, leaving holes ‘tantamount to fingerprints,’ Kelleher said. After much painstaking work, we’ve recovered 86 of the maps.Unwilling to curtail his high-flying lifestyle, he turned to crime. We couldn’t have done it, though, without the help of our law enforcement partners in the case: the Boston Police Department, Yale and Harvard university police departments, the New York Public Library Security Division, and Scotland Yard.

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