Restore iphone without updating cydia

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Activate the device using your Apple ID & Password. If you are currently enjoying all of the benefits and spoils that come along with a stable, high-performance Yalu102 jailbreak solution for the i OS 10, you must have installed all of your favorite tweaks, extensions, themes, and packages.And while enjoying all these luxuries, having run into a problem with them?And this, while still remaining on a vulnerable version of i OS is definitely amazing.Jay Freeman had actually commented on this issue; where he outlined that even he doesn’t have a functioning version of Eraser for i OS yet.Furthermore, it reverts all the changes made by the jailbreak process and returns your jailbroken device to the same stock Apple i OS firmware.This was initially introduced by Saurik, with a tool called Cydia impactor for i OS 8.3 and 8.4 jailbreak users.

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And it might get renamed back to Cydia impactor, but the apps will not be named so.

There’s no denying that the Cydia Eraser is one of the best tools to have in your jailbreak toolkit.

Having the ability to almost instantly remove any trace of a jailbreak.

If the updated i OS version is the only update signing by Apple and if it doesn’t support jailbreaking, then you lose the and the jailbreak from your device and will restore to the same stock firmware without updating the i OS version.

So then, you are on a fresh device with no jailbreak but it will still have the jailbreak ability.

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