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You transform into the character that you're playing.You're not like Jerry Seinfeld, who's always playing himself no matter what he's in - he's great at doing it, but I'm a different kind of actor.It’s pretty obvious where a lot of people know Rainn Wilson from the best but it’s also just as obvious that he’s made a rather impressive showing of himself since The Office and while he hasn’t been the most popular guy in a lot of his movies he’s definitely had a presence.Maybe it’s something about his face or the way that he kind of immortalized the character of Dwight but it would seem that a lot of people tend to see him as the sarcastic and very irritating character in a lot of stories where he’s featured.I found it very easy to transform into creeps and weirdos and losers and goof-balls, and I'm happy to play eccentric kinds of characters, and I have a great affinity for the outsider, but I definitely am about expanding my range as well.(On working on Juno (2007)) 'Jason (Reitman)' was getting "Juno" ready.It's a project he had been chasing for a long time, because he really loved the script. There was one in my high school, and we teased him mercilessly., Army of One, Full...[on choosing to play Detective Lt.

His greatest loves in life are writing, being a family man, and entertaining readers with his take on pop culture as it continues to change throughout the years.One bit of credit you’ve got to give him though is that he is quite good at what he does and is able to make people either hate his characters or at least tolerate them for the length of a movie. Fish is the guy that never really grew up despite life forcing him to do so if he wanted to survive.Even in films though it seems he can’t quite get away from being the guy you dislike or at least feel sorry for. After losing his job and his girlfriend his nephew convinces him to play for his band since their drummer was suspended, but things go from awkward to bad to worse since Fish is bound and determined to do thing the way he did them when he was still in a metal glam band.He eventually went into the Army as a fencer and a coronet player. Got his start in theater as a member of the Acting Company and remained for several years.Appeared in Long Day's Journey Into Night at the Arena Stage and performed at the Guthrie and other theatrical venues as well.

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