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These are radioactive isotopes, since they have an unstable atomic nucleus (due to the balance between neutrons and protons) and emit energy and particles when it changes to a more stable form.

The energy liberated in the form change can be measured with a Geiger counter or with photographic film.

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For instance, carbon is presented in nature as a mix of three isotopes with mass numbers 12, 13 and 14: C.Each radioisotope has a characteristic disintegration or semi-life period.Energy may be liberated mostly in the form of alpha (helium nuclei), beta, (electrons or positrons), or gamma (electromagnetic energy) rays.Thus, all the atoms with A = 2 have a mass of approximately 2 mass units; atoms with A = 235 have a mass of approximately 235 atomic mass units.Annotation: X (where X is the atom’s element)Isotopes (from the Greek isos = same and tópos = place) are atoms from a same element, whose nuclei have a different number of neutrons and, therefore, differ in mass.

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